Avoid these food products this monsoon for safety measures from Covid-19

5 Food Products To Avoid This Monsoon As Safety Measure From Covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse day by day, we should take more precautions while moving out as well as when at home. We should be careful while eating food items too.

We all love eating ‘Kaanda Bhaji’ with ‘Garam Chai’ is these monsoon days, but the time is not right for risking our life during this pandemic. We should strictly avoid these foods during monsoon as safety precautions from Covid-19.

List of food products to avoid this monsoon-

1. Frozen foods- Frozen foods offer a very less amount of nutrients. Frozen foods often come with high sodium. And having sodium in large amount can lead to high blood pressure. Frozen foods contain a lot of starch, as it is used to keep the frozen foods fresh.

2. Cut fruits-Don’t eat or buy cut fruits as the chance of getting contaminated of left open is higher, this may also catch flu.

3. Seafood- The rainy days are not suited for consuming any seafood. As monsoon is the breeding season for marine life.

4. Fried foods- Fried foods should be strictly prohibited during rainy days. Extra salty foods may cause water retention.

5. Fizzy drinks- Fizzy drinks reduces mineral from our body and results in reduction of enzyme activity. Instead of fizzy drinks, intake some nimbu pani.

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