I am a born rebel: Simar Singh, Founder, UnErase Poetry

In conversation with Simar Singh

I am a born rebel: Simar Singh, Founder, UnErase Poetry

Simar Singh, the talented lad, cuts an impressive figure. All of 17, Simar is the founder of UnErase Poetry, an entity which promotes spoken word through producing online content.

His performance at the recent IWM Digital Awards left all in awe and admiration. His suave swag, words of substance coupled with emotion injected rendition make him a cut above the rest.

He calls himself a ‘born rebel’ and given his niche career choice, Simar indeed is an inspiration for many.

Here’s excerpt from an exclusive conversation with the man of the moment. Read on:

To begin with, how does it feel to be a digital star? 

I will let you know when I am one, for now, it feels just great being a poet.

How was your experience to perform at the recent IWM Digital Awards? 

I will have to say it was one of my recent favourite performances. We have never performed at such a platform before, I don’t think spoken word in India has ever been acknowledged by such a medium yet. So I feel lovely that we got this opportunity.

You are young, dynamic and promoter of UnErase Poetry…how does it feel to be a young founder? 

It is a mixed feeling. Some days I wish to grow up faster and just be a  normal adult doing adult things, but on most days I love being the  youngest in the room, I think it gives me an edge and also reminds me  that I have a really long way to go.

I am a born rebel: Simar Singh, Founder, UnErase Poetry 1

Tell us a bit about UnErase Poetry? 

We are a spoken word collective that promotes spoken word through producing online content. We have had the chance to curate some amazing poems like, A Brown Girls Guide to Gender by Aranya Johar,  Lord Ram in Court by Gaurav Tripathi & Right to Pleasure by Priya Malik.  We work with several poets on a regular basis and focus on creations. We work with several poets on a regular basis and focus on creating social impact through art.

Poem and poetry… is the art form losing relevance in today’s internet


That is an absolute lie. In the coming years, poetry will become one of the most loved and popular form of art across generations. Maybe as big as music.

Poetry for you is a medium of catharsis or rebellion?

I am a born rebel. But it is different for everyone at different points of

their life.

Do you feel that web entertainment will eventually take over television and theatre models of content consumption?

The transition has already started. It may not be a complete switch, but

digital media will be in the centre of all entertainment.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer?

One thing that I have been trying to follow since the past few months, to be a listener and then a speaker, be a reader and then a writer. So I prefer watching newer poets and new performances and read as much as I can, over writing and performing new stuff.

When not busy working…how do you unwind?

I have been doing impromptu travel since the past couple of months and it is the best kind of therapy after work for me.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

Lots of love to all the followers of spoken word in India, we are because of you!


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