Anything is possible if one is committed enough: Sparsh Shah

Sparsh Shah chats on life, music and more...

Anything is possible if one is committed enough: Sparsh Shah

We, humans, have a tendency to whine when faced with slightest of adversity. Life seems a huge burden and tears tend to dry with thoughts turning green with vice, taking shape of a nasty Goblin.

However, all seems puny and pointless after learning the life story of young, super talented and amazingly brave, Sparsh Shah.

All of 14, sensational Sparsh is a digital sensation, singer-songwriter, rapper and motivational speaker.

He first hit notes of popularity after his video of a music cover of Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’ went viral, making the people and international media sit up and take note of this prodigy.

We met Sparsh during a session at the recently concluded Goa Fest. Sparsh is a special story. The Indian-American child artiste was born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta – a condition that makes bones extremely fragile and brittle, Sparsh suffered the breaking of 35-40 bones during birth.

Since then the count has gone up to 135. Yet, a genius, his spirit is far from being broken.

At the session, he sang the national anthem and went on to belt out more numbers. He is smart, witty and a great entertainer.

“I would like to thank my father for being there, motivating me. Without him I would be nowhere. He tells me he is travelling the world because of me, but it’s truly the other way around,” said Sparsh with a smile.

Sparsh emphasized on the need to bring on board more specially abled children for ad campaigns, which help in striking a different and unique audience connect.

Charged up and forever positive, Sparsh embarked on the idea of ‘not giving up’ and ‘anything is possible if one is committed enough’.

When asked by media veteran Sam Balsara on how he relates to kids of his age and if he goes to a regular school, a nonchalant Sparsh replied: “I definitely go to a normal school and have many friends. Of course, there are certain things for which I need help, otherwise I am pretty normal. My real friends will tell you how crazy I am (laughs).”

Sparsh, further, went on to state that he is committed to ‘giving back to the society’ and making this ‘world a better place to live in general’.

“There is so much negativity in the world and this is the time when we all need to come together and do our bit to heal the world,” said he and went on to sing he ‘Heal the World’ number.

Sparsh has a unique talent to rap the toughest words as well as sing beautifully Hindi classical music, which is awe inspiring.

“It is tough to juggle between school, homework and your event commitments. But no complaints. The key is to be disciplined,” ended Sparsh as he smiled for the camera.

Sparsh, more power to you.

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