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One name that echoes loud and clear in the rooms of comedy is that of the stand-up genius Abijit Ganguly.

Abijit Ganguly: The Stand-Up genius you should know about

An Economics honours grad with a profound corporate background, Abijit Ganguly is indeed a renowned Bengali comedian in the world of stand-up comedy. He has a wide spectrum of knowledge which is displayed very well in his gigs. We are completely in love with his style of bilingual jokes and that is also what is attracting the audience the most.

He is very enthusiastic and deals with each and every phenomenon that is present all over the world. Be it politics, religion, activities, jobs, and more, Abijit has his own unique way of interpreting everyday scenarios, which might be mundane to us but to him they are great source of content that he can work with to create meaningful and entertaining instances. Abijit Ganguly is one of the most revered stand-up comedians at present and his unqiue brand is definitely giving him the edge over many other comedians out there.

He is not just an amazing performer but a terrific actor too, and this is evident from his striking hand gestures itself! He connects with the audience with his anecdotes that are so realistic it will make you instantly feel like he has taken out a page from your life story itself. If you are having a bad day and feeling it is the end of the world then this man is sure to give you a splash of joy and you will keep laughing like a retarded seal, and we’ll, in this case it would be a very good thing because that means that Ganguly is fulfilling his ‘job brief’ all too well.

And if you are already excited enough by this prospect, to check out some of his top-rated videos then you should head towards his YouTube channel right away.

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