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Ashish Chanchlani vs Carryminati: The Coolest YouTuber Ever?

Ashish Chanchlani is popular for his slapstick comedy on the webspace. The works of Ashish is preferred by the masses for its simplicity and comic elements. Ashish is a master when it comes to connecting with the audience with the colloquial language known to all. He’s a splendid YouTuber who is loved for his style of humour. Also, his high levels of creative input are surely visible in his final product that appeals to the masses.

He is surely the coolest YouTuber we have known.

Giving him tough competition though is Carryminati, the youngster with a pleasing smile. Ajey Nagar, loved by one and all as Carryminati is particularly liked by the way he roasts people on his show. His content is funny, cool and connects to people all over the globe. His video games and channel offers people with a wide variety of content which all love to watch.

So who according to you is the coolest YouTuber ever? Is it Ashish or Carryminati?

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