Mallika Dua is the new generation queen of comedy and she has had some of the most hilarious and ridiculously funny moments that left us in splits.

The best comedy moments of Mallika Dua

When it comes to acknowledging the Indian women in comedy, there is really no one like Mallika Dua, is there? No one seems to be able to quite match up with this witty and humorous girl, who took no time winning over people with her material. She is known for her unfiltered content and her bold and staunch responses are very well appreciated by the audience.

Here are all the times we think Mallika Dua was so funny that we couldn’t stop laughing for hours on end:
The best comedy moments of Mallika Dua 2
1. With her make-up (makkup) didi gigs and in one particular instant when her ‘makkup didi’ wasn’t there to do her “faastive season makkup”

2. When the queen of comedy got quite ‘saanti’ (sentimental) and missed her best friend Komal. What’s interesting is how she always finds laughter even in the common events of life and presents it to her viewers so aptly.

3. When this star comedian was actually playfully bantering with her star dad, Mr Vinod Dua. Absolutely adorable, isn’t it?

4. When she was super into Biljeet and got obsessed but boy are we glad she did! The result of that was definitely a laughter riot for the audience.

5. When she got emotional or like she says, ‘saanti’, about ‘Lamonzz’ (lemons)

6. When she made us all believe in the grave powers that Mirchi (chilli) possesses.

7. When she described her hurt on over usage of the phrase ‘maata chadh gayi’ and we couldn’t help but laugh till our stomachs hurt on that one.

She has gained every bit the fame as her father but in a totally different way, through a totally different medium and on a whole different level. Mallika Dua has been accredited for creating some of the most brilliant characters and for having made them hilarious for our joy!

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