Ray J Lakhani is a shining star

Biggest Influencers 2021 – RAY J LAKHANI IS ON HIS WAY UP THE LIST

For a lack of better words, Influencers have become this generation’s celebrities. It’s no surprise to us that social media stars are gaining larger fanbases than the classic A List superstars from Hollywood. Every year we like to determine the rising stars in the social media spectrum, and give the world a taste of who is on projection to the top the list for the following year.

Entrepreneurs have been gaining a wide array of attention for people of all ages. What we noticed recently is that there’s yet to be a breakout influencer that’s truly in the entrepreneurial space. Meaning, young and trendy, similar to Gary Vee and Grant Cardone, but on the younger side. This is where our prediction for “The Biggest Influencers 2021” list comes in. We strongly believe the biggest influencer of 2021 will be Ray J Lakhani. Ray is quirky, trendy, and he has quite the personality. Ray stems from a family of business people, and he’s been successfully launching profitable projects for the last 2 years.

Recently, Ray J Lakhani made a return to social media, and his fans have been flocking to his Instagram page. Media outlets have been scurrying to Ray for interviews because of the success and noise his family has been generating online.

Ray is also deeply indulged into the fashion industry. Ray has been able to construct a slightly conservative way of styling ‘in-trend’ pieces of clothing without making him appear too ostentatious. Ray was featured in a sub article with Vogue Magazine, and obtained a valuable co sign from the Paris Fashion Week board members. Although Ray has expressed his interest in pushing his fashion agenda to the limit; he prioritizes his family’s businesses and won’t take that step until the companies are fully functional without the family having to be fully present in the day to day operations.

Ray and his brother in law, AK Kurji, operate a massive Print on Demand company called SameDay POD, under the Scalable Brands umbrella, founded by AK. Recently AK made his way out of the woodworks and was able to create over 150 jobs in Houston, Texas. As SameDay Print On Demand spiked in business, Ray stepped in as the President to run the operations for the family.

Ray’s brother in law, AK Kurji, is also generating eyes from the entrepreneurial world of executives. AK is known as the ScalableCEO on social media, and heavy hitting 8 and 9 figure business owners have been attempting to collaborate with him because of his knowledge in the eCommerce and technology industries. AK is responsible for multiple businesses surpassing 8 figures in yearly revenue. Not to mention, AK has over 100,000 followers currently on his Instagram page.

We strongly believe that Scalable Brands will be one of the largest brand names over the next few years. The success of Scalable Brands will surely bring attention to the family, only increasing the brand value of AK and Ray on social media.

You can search Google to find more information on AK and Ray. We strongly recommended following this family on their journey in making history.

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