Learn about web sensation Ritu Agarwal’s incredible life journey

If I can, so can you: Digital star Ritu Agarwal

She is an epitome of success and perseverance. Immensely talented and fiercely independent, Voice of Ritu fame Ritu Agarwal is affable, appealing and an absolute game-changer in the web entertainment space.

Her mellifluous voice and great presentation have earned her global fans. Her flight to fame is ably supported by Qyuki Digital.

Here’s an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com: Excerpts:

How does it feel to be a digital star? 

I feel so blessed and overwhelmed to be able to do what I love the most, as my profession, every single day. Being a digital star, I feel people connect with you on a more personal basis. They relate to you very much and hence want to know what’s happening in your life.

How did singing become your passion in life? 

Music is something that’s always been around, since childhood. My elder brother ‘Rishabh’ used to sing and play various instruments. I have been singing since I was 5 yrs old. As I grew up, my parents discovered my singing talent and started training me.  I always used to enjoy performing on stage. It was only after I completed my schooling, I realised that music was something that comes naturally to me. I decided to take a chance and did B.A. (hons.) in Music. That was the turning point for me to know that THIS is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

How did ‘Girl with Guitar’ get associated with your name? 

It all started on the singing reality show called “The Voice India”. I was in Team Shaan and reached till the semi-finale. I play various kinds of instruments, and that’s where I got that name associated with me at first.     “Bulleya” (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) is one of my Biggest Hits on YouTube with 40Million+ views.  People highly appreciated the video and it was because of this song that people started calling me as “The Girl with the Guitar”.

When did you come up with the idea of taking up singing as a profession? 

Singing was something that was always there, as an integral part of my life.  Being a Playback Singer has always been my dream. I guess it became more obvious and sure to me, when I decided to pursue my graduation in music.

If I can, so can you: Digital star Ritu Agarwal 1

Tell us about your YouTube channel…

I have a YouTube channel called “Voice Of Ritu”, which has recently crossed  1Million+ subscribers! I make all kinds of music videos, from Bollywood and western music to Indian Classical Ragas.

How is life after becoming a YouTube sensation? 

It’s a great feeling when your fans give so much love to you, accept your music and make you feel as an important part of their lives. It’s incredible to read all their comments and encouraging messages, knowing that you impact their lives in more ways than you know.

What is your favourite genre in music? 

It’s difficult to choose one, depends on my mood.

Tell us a bit about your association with Qyuki Digital?  

For an artist, to produce big budget projects, it’s difficult to do all by yourself.  That’s where Qyuki Digital Media comes in. It’s an incredible team to start with.  They give you all the creative space you need, doing all the backend work, so that you can concentrate on producing the best content possible.  Recently, I performed at the YouTube Fan Fest Mumbai as well as in Delhi. It’s quite a chaos to handle everything when you perform at such big platforms.  I had the best time performing there as I didn’t need to worry about anything except my performance. Everything else was being taken care of by my Team Qyuki.

Ever fancy working for television or movie, or internet is your preferred choice of medium? 

I have always loved being in front of the camera. I love experimenting, learning new things and taking up challenges. I believe every experience teaches you something new. So yes, I’m up for any new experience that comes my way.

Anyone you idolize in your domain? 

I really admire Kurt Hugo Schneider’s work.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer? 

The more you practice, the better you’re prepared for it.   It’s something that you learn over time. Internet is a great tool that we have right now, to see and to learn from incredible artists, all around the world.

When not busy working, how do you unwind? 

I love watching movies and who can say no to a gooooood sleep, right.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

Every artist yearns recognition, and wants to be heard. I feel so grateful and blessed, that so many of you connect with my music and take out time to support my passion.   I always try to outdo myself, and I have that courage, the ability to think beyond, because YOU all support me in every dream project of mine. I’ll be glad if I can inspire even a single person to pursue their dreams because if I can, You can.

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