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I find TV more professional compared to digital space: Ashish Chanchlani

Talented and smart Ashish Chanchlani, one of the leading viners of India, who mesmerizes audience with his crazy comic vines on social media, is an absolute charmer amongst his fans.

Bringing smiles to many faces with his videos, the popular YouTuber says he always wanted to be an actor and entertain audience.

This budding artist has bagged a role in the upcoming web series Class of 2017 for ALT Balaji after cracking auditions.

In conversation with Indianwikimedia, Ashish spoke about his background, journey, dreams and more…


Tell us something about yourself…

I am from Ulhasnagar and was persuaded to study civil engineering, which I soon realized is not my cup of tea. I always wanted to become an actor. I am a content creator at YouTube. While I was making videos and was at my initial stage of popularity, I came across Producer Vikas Gupta sir. One of his casting directors knew about my work. The guy called me up for the show Class of 2017 and at that time I was not popular at all. I auditioned and he loved my work. According to me they wrote the role. The show was a lucky charm for me as my popularity grew after I got to be part of it. I have learnt a lot from the show. After doing the show, I learnt how this industry works and I got to know Vikas sir and all the other producers. It was dream come true for me. I always wanted to be on set and experience everything. This has been my journey from being a small town engineer to an actor.

How did you come up with the idea of vines and how do you conceptualize each episode?

I was in my college and used to host events. One day, I came across these short videos, that capture a situation called vines; I thought these videos can be made in India too. It was a concept which no one was daring to make. Then I started copying the content creators; I am being honest over here. But I was not getting response from viewers. Then I thought of making something desi so I tried my first vine on Maggi. I learnt that the more you connect with the people through your videos the more they love it. I started taking topics that are relatable. My journey started with 200 followers and now I have 1.5 Million followers on Facebook.

You will be seen in ALT Balaji’s upcoming webseries Class of 2017. Can you tell us something about your role in it?

I play a character named Ishaan in Class of 2017. It is different because it is the imperfect character. He is little immature and is in his puppy love phase. He is mad behind a girl and goes through heartbreak. He is little overweight, so always humiliated. People will look up to it as they will relate to it. Ishaan is a role I have played out of my comfort zone. It is not the usual comic guy that I am. It is a special character for me.

You have worked for both the platforms TV and digital. So what difference do you find between them?

The creators are the same on both the platforms. The difference is that digital space wants to connect with the young audience and TV wants to connect with the middle aged ones. I feel TV industry is little restricted as compared to digital. Example I was doing an episode for Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, I used a word which was not that abusive, but my director told I can’t use the word in the show. I was astonished that there is a lot of censorship in TV. There is a huge difference between both the platforms. I find TV more professional compared to digital; but I feel people at both the places are very creative.

Are you comfortable doing bold scenes on screen?

I am not at all comfortable doing bold scenes on-screen. I do believe that if you have to become a good actor you have to come out of your comfort zone. I feel if it is required according to the script and absolute necessary, I would do it.

Who is your role model?

My inspiration is Akshay Kumar. He is the one who drove me into acting. I look up to him. He is an all rounder but what attracts me to him is his comic timing. Not many stars can handle comedy on-screen but Akshay Kumar is the one who has handled comedy very well. If you see my videos you will find some traces where I act exactly like him. Now, he has changed his direction and is making good patriotic movies. I love him for that. He is my guru. I would love to play a tree also in front of him. I just want stand and see him.

Do you plan to work in Bollywood?

My dream is to work in a Bollywood movie always. That was my ultimate dream and I hope it happens.

Lastly, what are your future plans?

I always wanted to become a Director also. I want to write and create more content from my heart and bring something fresh. I am waiting for a big movie offer. I will not leave this industry. This is my future.

Good luck Ashish!!

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