Siddharth Kanan’s radio show has become a huge hit

Ishq Khul Ke: Breezy conversations with Siddharth Kannan

Ishq FM seems to be on a roll with content driven programming. The channel won numerous awards for Calling Karan, a show hosted by Karan Johar where he offers love and relationship advise.

This time around, Karan has up the ante and gone bolder with his advice to his plethora of listeners and celebrity friends who call him on his show. Karan thoroughly enjoys himself on the airwaves with his heart to heart chats.

Ishq Khul Ke: Breezy conversations with Siddharth Kannan

Another show that has caught our attention is ‘Ishq Khul Ke’ with Siddharth Kannan aka Sid K!

This free-wheeling chat show with celebrities has Sid taking us on a joyride.

We switched on the radio and got addicted to it from the word go.

The ease with which he talks to them and the way they respond to him makes it a one of its kind show on Indian Radio.

Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra spoke about their own marriage plans, Priyanka and Nick Jonas’s wedding and their fun takes on Varun Dhawan and Anushka with Sid K’s repartees made us as listeners feel like we were right next to them in the heart of the conversation.

The show with Badhaai Ho cast kept us in splits!

Saif Ali Khan, who Sid K affectionately referred to as Pops in the chat, was another episode that caught our fancy.

The way Sid made Saif talk on a variety of subjects from Kareena to Taimur to Sara Ali Khan and merging it with Film content(which was unique) made it effortless listening.

The USP of the content is undoubtedly Sid K’s bond with the stars and how the conversation flows as if close friends are talking to each other without making it seem as an interview is on.

Also, Siddharth’s infectious energy and likeable personality seems to rub off on the stars and gives the show a unique identity.

Ishq Khul Ke is trendsetting and clearly shows that non pretentious content can easily break the clutter of the ocean of content floating around.

Ishq FM now launches Kareena Kapoor as an RJ and our heartbeats are getting faster. Looks like New Age Radio is taking over.

So our advise is, let’s do the Ishq Baby with Ishq FM  a radio station to look out for!


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