Candid chat with Srestha Banerjee

My lesbian love story has no nudity: Srestha Banerjee

Upcoming YouTube channel, Go  Bindaas, will soon launch a new web series titled Ishq Satrangi. This lesbian-based theme has fresh talent like Srestha Banerjee and Ana Ilmi in the lead. Delhi Filmmaker Club, Inferno House and Go Bindaas themselves are joint producers. The former two have made several award-winning shorts.

Srestha, who has just been part of the Govinda film, Fryday, says, “The story begins when two female childhood best friends start to have feelings for each other. However, one dumps the other. I don’t want to reveal the ending. Why don’t you watch for yourself when the first episode goes live on Saturday? Our makers don’t follow the binge theory, for they are confident that our college to middle age story will be engaging enough for you to come back for the next 6 weeks. Ishq Satrangi also provides you an option of watching something different, rather than the same old tried and tested stuff on web (sex) and TV (over the top drama).”

“Keeping YouTube decorum in mind, we don’t have any nudity or love-making scenes. At best, we have very quick kiss and caress scenes, which rather than titillate, are meant to show the emotional connect between two lovers and the overall narrative. Our film focuses on the LGBT community and the importance of allowing every human being the freedom to follow their sexual orientation and choices.”

Given the huge amount of web content, what will make your Delhi-based product stand out in the clutter? “Simplicity of the characters and seamless nature of the story will certainly ensure that whoever watches our film will carry it in their hearts, even though they might not be part of the same sexual orientation. It will also make them question the social stigma that LGBT folks face.”

Looking ahead, Srestha will soon be seen in a few other big Amazon Prime and Netflix web series, where she plays strong character roles.  “For me, more than billing, the juice of the character is important. Web is allowing the mushrooming of different kinds of content and revolutionary thoughts, so more power to this new in thing,” ended this teacher turned actor.

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