Chetna Pandey speaks to IWMBuzz on how she is coping with lockdown

Lockdown is easy compared to what I endured in Ace of Space: Chetna Pandey

TV and web actor Chetna Pandey is not finding the now extended lockdown too much of a bother.

“I am passing time cooking up desi grub like Rajma Chawal and Chole Bhature, and chilling with family and pets. This is much easier then what I endured in Ace of Space, locked in an ever cramping environment for 70 days without social media. Plus, we kept bumping into interesting people, so it took time to get to understand them.”

She adds, “The best thing I learned from the above MTV show was patience, which is coming in good stead as we wait for things to normalize.”

Looking ahead, she might even agree to get once again restricted to a premise, i.e. Bigg Boss.

“Earlier, I might have balked at such a chance fearing the stress and politics, but since I have dealt with the same in Ace of Space, so it is not virgin territory anymore.”

Shifting gears to her latest web series Class of 2020, she says, “I enjoyed playing the psychopath Priyanka as I don’t like vanilla narratives. Give me something twisted any day. It is a challenge to completely change our mindset from a regular school girl to some who is whacked out.

I saw several similar movies and also sat with producer and writer Vikas Gupta to understand what drives her to do what she does. Seeing the considerable success of season 1, Ekta (Kapoor) has already announced three more seasons. The second installment would have gone on the floor in April/ May but will be pushed back due to the Coronavirus outbreak.”

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