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Marco Varga- from Footballer to Photographer and Influencer

Marco Varga: A man with versatile tags like Footballer, Photographer, and Influencer

Marco Varga, who is now known as a popular photographer, started his professional life as a footballer. He played soccer till the age of 25 and then switched to professional photography making everyone his fan for every single click he did from his camera. He later also experimented in filmmaking and even worked as a social media consultant using his influence in the social world for several roles in his life. Thus, Marco Varga is a man who has too many skills to make the coming generation learn.

He is defined on his website – a man who creates quality designs and one who comes out with fresh and unique ideas. However, his early life was something different which one can ever guess. He was brought up in a small and pristine Swiss Village called Urdort till the age of 12 where he started playing football. He then was transferred to the known Grasshoppers Club Zurich where he worked hard to become a professional footballer.

When he was in University at 20, he got his first professional soccer contract. This is when he left education and focussed completely on the career of a footballer. He played for next five years, however, when he realized that he is not being able to see himself as a top footballer, he got back into his life setting up on his next priority in life leaving sports life behind. He returned to college joining University of Economy in Zurich to complete his education. He then started working for IBM, but it was again a temporary thing rather than being his final destination.

While he was in the University, he got the chance to do some modelling and then shared his photos on social media that soon got a good fanbase. He soon started getting a huge number of followers that made him play the influencer role. Soon, he was also seen experimenting with his camera to click good pictures of his surroundings, thus making him fall in love with it. Soon he also started working with top companies as a content creator with the goal to create captivating social media content. He is based in Zurich where he does different things.

He is fluent in English, Italian and German. He worked hard to learn professional photography and making videos along with working with a wide range of software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe After Effects to name a few. He has worked with top clients including IWC, Zalando, Hotelplan, Migros, Victorinox, SIGG, JOBS, Nirvan Javan, and Decathlon to name a few. He uses his modeling pictures as a fashion influencer. After opening up his social media content creation company called Dmus-Media with his partner, he is often on a tour catching pictures all across the world with his girlfriend.

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