Get to know more about Rohit Tayade

Rohit Tayade is an Entrepreneur but also YouTuber by Passion

Rohit Tayade is a versatile man when it comes to his personal and professional life. He loves to be active on social media and keeps on updating his YouTube channel with great passion embarking upon with competitive content online. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree as well, but at the heart, he is a digital marketer and entrepreneur who loves to make good money out of it. All thanks to his broad vision, which keeps himself engaged and reverts with something excellent out of it.

He has his blogs, where he shares his insight on various things like gaming, technology and Bollywood apart from sharing his other experiences with his video content as well making him a competent YouTuber as well. He was able to leverage the best YouTube channel the best. He manages his own digital image called Realownmedia where he has loads of stuff to share on social media.

This has made him a regular contributor on his social media page, getting a tangible amount of fanbase. His YouTube channel has also grown with a huge amount of fanbase and subscribers making all the difference in his life. He is now busy in some of his writing work as well, which will soon make him an author as well. Since he has remained active as a social media influencer, he has chosen this field to write and share his insight about the subject. His YouTube channel known as Rohit Tayade has everything which any young man of his age would want.

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