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Rup Singh Real Estate Consultant has an Edge on Customer Service that helps him crack million-dollar deals in the tough market

The real estate market is very competitive and tough especially when the market remains volatile. The first industry that gets hampered is real estate. But for professionals like Rup Singh, he leads the show when it comes to cracking any real estate deal. He started young working as a sales guy in the real estate industry, which he calls his passionate field. In a short duration of six years, he turned from being a simple sales executive in the real estate world to a commercial agent cracking huge deals in this world. All thanks to his edge on things like customer service.

Right from his initial days, he realised the importance of giving priority to the needs of the customers. This way, he was able to make his customer happy allowing his clientele increase and expand in a big way. He practised all the norms that made him an effective game-changer in the real estate industry. These include remaining transparent to his clients all the time, being punctual and being in the right place at the right time. With these attributes, he was able to get an edge on customer service.

Currently, he owns his real estate firm called The Legacy Group in the US. He has cracked millions of deals with his firm in the real estate world. In 2019, he was able to crack not less than 35 Million USD deals and that in the first half of the year. He was able to achieve that mark not just with his passion for work but could do only for rendering high-quality customer service to his clients. This is the reason why he is not just able to retain his old clients but also get hordes of new from them.

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