Be entertained with Sam Khan

Sam Khan will keep you entertained in Lockdown

From selling laptops by standing outside a shop somewhere in Delhi to conquer the hearts of more than 20 Lakh people, genuinely it was hard for a guy who belongs to a lower middle-class family from Uttar Pradesh but just because of dedication and determination everything paid off.

Sam Khan is a fitness enthusiast and a YouTube sensation and he has already created a strong fan following for his YouTube channel with his numerous prank videos. Prank videos are always great to watch since they are very entertaining and have an element of surprise in them. Sam Khan is really creative with his prank videos and it is for this reason that he has been able to establish himself as the prank sensation of India in a short span of time. Currently Sam Khan has 2.2 million subscribers for his YouTube channel and that really says a lot about his abilities as a prank star.

Sam Khan will keep you entertained in Lockdown 1

Sam Khan has launched his channel only just about a year ago and within this short span of time he has been able to attain more than 2 million subscribers and surpassed more than 2.4 Billion views. This has made him India’s fastest growing prank sensation. His content quality is known to be extremely entertaining, which is why men and women of all ages appreciate his prank videos. In a world that has been deeply affected by the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, many people are forced to stay at home and this has led to intense boredom for them. Under such circumstances, the prank videos posted in YouTube by Sam Khan have been a source of great joy and entertainment to a lot of people. 

As a YouTube sensation who also has his own Vines channel, Sam Khan is always posting highly engaging content for his fan base who are always on the lookout for the best prank videos. His prank videos offer the perfect comedic entertainment that can lift people’s emotions instantly. He has also inspired a lot of young people to focus on fitness and develop a perfectly sculpted physique. This makes him one of the most successful YouTuber in India at the present moment.         

Some of His Famous Videos-

Asking girls to take my picture || Sam khan

Breakup krlo apne boyfriend se || Sam Khan

Getting Girl’s Numbers Without Talking || Sam Khan

Picking up girls in Gym || Sam Khan

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