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The secret behind internet sensation Pandora Kaaki’s enticing name

Social media platforms are an extension of your personality. It’s important to have a strong presence and there’s a lot that goes on behind making an account a huge hit. While many things make one’s social platform boom, an appealing username is one of the key points that attract netizens.

When talking about unique and interesting usernames, one name that immediately popped into our minds was the internet sensation Pandora Kaaki’s username. Mar-Anne Almosa who goes by the Pandora Kaaki on social media is at present one of the trending Internet personalities with more than two million followers on Instagram. This young model has always hooked fans with her enticing social media name Pandora. Netizens who are in awe of the social butterfly thought the name is inspired by Pandora’s Box. Little does anybody know that the name is inspired by an old online game named Guitar Hero where one of the characters was named Pandora. This led Pandora Kaaki to adopt the name that has now become her Mascot.

The diva has certainly taken the internet by storm with her bold content that goes viral for days to come. She is best known for her beachwear collection and perfect figure that has inspired a lot of young women to become a model.

Pandora runs her own YouTube channel where she shares all of her personal experiences. The bold beauty is at present busy working and is happy to keep her fans engaged with more interesting content in the coming time.

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