Social media influencer Aryeman Raj launches two books on Mumbai.

Being a social media influencer, my content creation focuses on adding a different perspective and USP: Aryeman Raj

Life is like a bicycle ride.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving ahead. A popular adage which social media influencer Aryeman Raj has always believed in. Having carved a name for himself as a lifestyle features writer (he has been writing columns for leading newspapers and contributing ground-breaking interviews for film magazines), Aryeman upgraded his position to being a note-worthy social media influencer, food reviewer and leading Mumbai theatre reviewer. Besides these, he has also been ghost-writing scripts for web series and short films.

“I have never waited for opportunities to fall into my lap. I have created new opportunities for my self-growth and pursued them relentlessly”, discloses Aryeman who has recently launched two e-books based on Mumbai. When quizzed about the details, he continues, “Both the books are subjects which have been close to my heart. Food and theatre are the niches that have got me tremendous fame”.

‘Mumbai’s Top 10 Restaurants – The Fine Dine Experience’ and ‘Mumbai’s Top 10 Theatre Plays’ are the two e-books which have been launched this week. Apparently, news is rife that Aryeman is working on a series of books on Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. “Mumbai has (and will continue to be) been the City of Dreams and there is so much to write about it. Being a social media influencer, my content creation focuses on adding a different perspective and USP which has been untapped. The books which have been launched are quick reads and give a frank verdict to the readers. As an influencer-cum-author, my followers trust me for the truth I speak. The book series could continue, we just have to wait for the pandemic mode to clear off completely”.

So what’s in the recent pipeline now that he has graduated to becoming an author? With a glint in his eyes, Aryeman pro-actively comes clean without mincing any words, “There are some unfinished fiction short read stories which are being completed, a couple of short films to shoot. For me, the sky is the limit, I am just living my dreams and exploring new avenues. After all, variety is the spice of life”.

The links to Aryeman Raj’s book on Amazon are listed below. If you are a food and theatre lover, they are a must-read for sure.

Mumbai’s Top 10 Restaurants – The Fine Dine Experience

Mumbai’s Top 10 Theatre Plays

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