Ashish Chanchlani's videos are amazing and very well known. But, let’s vote on which one of his best videos you prefer.

Types of Drinkers or Cinemas Then Vs Now: Rate the best Ashish Chanchlani comedy video?

Two of his very well known videos are, “Types Of Drinkers” and “Cinemas: Then V/S Now”. These videos have more than 10 million views each. That’s something. And, it is clear that the people have an opinion on which one is better. Of course it’s not an easy decision. Because, they’re both amazing videos in their own right.

The former, “Types Of Drinkers” is a video that is relatable to most people and something that we’ve all seen in our friends or family members. He hits the metaphorical nail right on its head with this video. People roll over laughing because of its brilliance. It’s relatable and funny because the topic of drinking is slightly taboo in the society. So, this makes a pretty strong case for itself.

The latter, “Cinemas: Then V/S Now” is a video that takes us all on a hilarious throwback. It is filled with moments we all loved and hated all the same. The nostalgia of being in your childhood kind of makes you remember the good old days and then the humour hits you hard and strong.

So, as you can probably see. The choice is extremely difficult. But, it’s one that you must make. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers.

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