The USP of my channel is its clean content: Youtuber Awanish Singh

Youtuber Awanish Singh chats exclusively with

The USP of my channel is its clean content: Youtuber Awanish Singh

YouTube Viner and comedian, Awanish Singh, who is known for his videos, mainly content containing desi elements, has come a long way in his career. His content has made him a king. In conversation with, Awanish speaks about his journey.

Sharing his journey with us, he says, “I belong to Ghazipur, it’s a small town near Varanasi. We had only one cinema theatre in our village. Also, there was no scope for acting. I had an interest in this field since childhood. I wanted to pursue it, however, my family was not confident enough. My mom allowed me to go ahead, but she told me to study law too so that there is a backup plan. Now, I remember an incident which happened when I was in class 8th. I ran away from home to come to Mumbai. However, I was caught by my parents and beaten badly. Then I completely focused on my studies.”

He continues, “I went to Delhi to complete my law. There I learnt that the Internet can be used for many things. I planned to make a video for which I needed a crew. However, I had no group in that college as I was not into any activity like smoking, drinking. Hence, I was never involved in any group. A year passed as I enjoyed normal college life. Then when demonetization happened, I made two videos related to banks and other problems. I made them without music and just uploaded them. I got 10K views on one video and 30K on the other; I was surprised with the response. I started improvising in my videos. I was told by my family to make more videos and then the series of videos started.”

When we ask about his biggest support, he shares, “I never had any support except my mom. I promised my mom that if I don’t explore and succeed in this business, then I will quit it and focus on my studies. I got a good number of followers and subscribers. She was immensely happy with my growth.”

On an emotional note, he adds, “When my videos started going viral and I became a Youtuber, I was an inspiration for the youngsters of my village. They wanted to explore this medium but were not given a chance. Later, post my achievement, they were allowed to enter this business.”

Awanish feels his clean content is the USP of his channel. “I am not into abusive content. I just make content or videos to entertain people. That is a differentiating factor. The USP of my channel is the clean content and my acting. I am appreciated for my acting talent by a lot of people. My inspiration in life is Salman Khan. His persona is different and charming. However, my personal favourite actor is Ranveer Singh. I am exactly like him in real life. I love to live my life to the fullest,” ends Awanish Singh.

His channel has over 1.3 million subscribers. You can check out here

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