Tara Alisha Berry, who has been part of films like The Perfect Girl, Love Games and Mastram, among others, says digital is a perfect platform to explore your story.

“Web is a good platform for both actors and makers. One can explore the craft without any restrictions, whereas TV and movies have a lot of limitations. I am not only talking about sexual content. I think the makers are free to explore their story. It is creatively also satisfying for the makers. Even our web-series director VictorMukherjee shot exactly what he imagined.”

Tara is seen in the recently streamed Viu India web-show Love Lust and Confusion, produced by Mango People Media. Talking about the concept, she shares, “The story is a journey of self discovery. It showcases love, lust and confusion a person goes through in his/her relationship. A person sometimes misinterprets love as lust and that is when his/her relationship goes for a toss. I think everybody has gone through such a situation in their life. The USP is that it is a relevant story because it deals with this generation of instant gratification.”

The actress reveals her favourite co-star in the series. “I and Rajat Barmecha had most of our scenes together, so our chemistry is best on-screen. We have also done a lot of workshops together. I have seen my scenes with Gaurav Chopra and our chemistry on-screen is great. I hope audience like that too. I have an amazing bond with my boss Meiyang Chang too,” signs off Tara.

Good luck girl!