Talented film actor Hemant Pandey will join Abhinav Anand and Karan Ashar in Happii-Fi’s short film, Half Shave.

Bollywood actor Hemant Pandey in Happii-Fi’s short film, Half Shave

Happii-Fi, the Youtube comedy channel of Adhikaris will launch its short film, Half Shave very soon!!

We at IWMBuzz.com has already reported exclusively about TVF fame actor, writer and director Abhinav Anand playing the central role. We also wrote about The Reunion fame Karan Ashar playing a pivotal role.

We now hear of seasoned Bollywood actor Hemant Pandey being part of the cast. Hemant who is known for his movies Krrish, Milenge Milenge, Kaalo etc has also been part of shows on TV. His noteworthy TV roles have been in shows Office Office, Kya Baat Hai etc.

Half Shave, the short film will be based on the myths and beliefs that the aam junta has on the saint men and their predictions.

Hemant Pandey will play one such saint who would predict and warn the hero time and again.

We buzzed the spokesperson at Happii-Fi but did not get revert.

Watch this space for more updates.

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