Hotstar Specials The Office will be back with its Season 2 this Sunday, and giving company to the spiritedly uproarious gang of Wilkins Chawla Paper Company this season will be none other than accomplished comedian Mallika Dua!

Hotstar made the juicy announcement on all the official social media handles of Hotstar Specials, and let us tell you, it had us licking our lips in anticipation.

The exceptionally eye-catching post introduces Ms. Dua as Chief Kwautness Officer at everyone’s beloved office, and we must say, the introduction has us sitting up with gleeful curiosity. The sassy image projected by Mallika on the post reminds us of her incend turn as Tinder on one of those stand up comedy videos on YouTube.

Check out the Hotstar Specials post on Instagram here –

View Instagram Post 1: Hotstar Specials The Office Season 2 to feature comedian Mallika Dua as Chief Kwautness Officer

The Office has been created by Applause Entertainment, for Hotstar Specials, and its Season 2 will make its way on our screens on 15th September. All episodes will be available for streaming. And yes, we just can’t wait for this one!