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South India’s no.1 YouTuber Madan Gowri collaborates with rapper Arivu for a song on casteism in mordern times!

South India’s no. 1 YouTuber Madan Gowri has collaborated with well-known rapper Arivu of Therukural fame for his first-ever video song. The song is about how even though people in India are extremely tech-savvy today they still continue to harbour the thoughts of class discrimination and divide.

The video which is India’s first-ever Animoji video, is shot completely on an Iphone and shows Madan and Arivu in their animated forms. The song in a fun manner highlights the message that while humans have managed to evolve so much since the big-bang, today we are “Monkeys with 5G and IG” but still continue to delve into castism and discrimination. The video has clocked in half a million views in just 2 days.

With this song, Madan and Arivu also hope to urge people to come forward and take a stand against any social discrimination happening around them.

26 year old Madan Gowri, is the biggest YouTuber of South India with with around 3.5 million subscribers and close to 500M views on his YouTube channel. He is popular for his topical informative videos on subjects like current issues, environmental issues, womens safety, history, motivation, trivia etc. His audience has completely taken to his distinctive style of giving simple explanations for complex issues with inforgraphics and visuals. He has successfully garnered a crazy fan following which remains unprecedented for someone who doesnt hail from the mainstream medium of entertainment.

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