We act as ‘bridge’ which connects the talent to the project – Mohammad Mubashshir, Line Producer

Mohammad Mubashshir, rising name in the industry talks about his role as Line Producer and recent startup Tafreeh Studios.

We act as ‘bridge’ which connects the talent to the project – Mohammad Mubashshir, Line Producer

Mohammad Mubashshir a.k.a. Moby, a youngster from Delhi came to Mumbai after opting out of college, as academics did not nurture his passion and dreams of making it big!

After coming to Mumbai, world was strange to him and so was the market. But his constant effort, hard work and aspiration to learn technology and read people has made him to go long way. From being nothing in start to becoming a known Line Producer and Producer today makes him what he is today.

Says Moby to IndianWikiMedia.com, “There was a time in my life when I was struggling to get an opportunity and that is the time when I realised what unemployment actually causes to the dreams and goals of a human being. So that was the day when I decided to be a Line producer & Producer to help those who are truly talented and yet couldn’t work their way to the main league. Actually a good line producer is the one who can cast right talent and technicians for the right project.”

From initially working for Akshay Kumar’s production house ‘Cape of Good Films’ for the film “Boss” and to recently working with Farhan Akthar’s ‘Excel Entertainment’ for the upcoming release ‘3 Stories’, Moby has seen the incredible change in the market.

“Post the initial struggle, jobs were like bus stops which kept on changing. From being a freelancer and now finally putting my own startup company called “Tafreeh Studios”, life has come a full circle for me,” he adds.

Talking about Tafreeh Studios, the talented youngster says, “This is a production house based out of Mumbai and dealing across the nation and abroad, mostly producing digital content and TV commercials, doing line production for international and national projects. Tafreeh’s

one of the main vision and mission is to get that one day in the life when any client or producers, irrespective of their budgets and products, can knock on their doors with a hope of getting the best designed and adorable film for their campaign. Tafreeh wants to be a home for such marketers, Brands and producers.”

“Also Tafreeh is an Urdu word for Entertainment and that’s what the team wants to deliver.

Actually we are true entertainers. 2016 and 2017 has been inspiring and amazing. The work culture we built internally is quite cool and fun loving. The core team consists of Ashik Padinjattil, Ajeet Parashar & Saurabh Bharadwaj along with Moby. We all work with equal caliber and constant effort of making something which can drive people with their heart. There is no Boss culture in the team, but just we all are Tafreehbaaz and yes we fight and argue a lot behind all this,” adds Moby.

With three good years of experience and work-speed together, the team has put up the company to make things bigger, organised and to reach to more clients than what they have today. Initially starting with a team of 2-3 people and now working with more than 10 people is admirable. The culture in the office is cool and all of them feel it at home here in Tafreeh…Having said that deadlines are somethingwe follow no matter what,” adds the young lad.

Team Tafreeh has not just done shoots in Mumbai but in all the metro cities of India along with 28 cities in 15 states of the country .Tafreeh also is the proud line producer of many international commercials shot in Thailand, Europe, London and Cape town.

Tafreeh Studio is a digital platform on social media where artists, poets, rappers, musicians can come and perform.

Recently, Moby has recited one poem which has gone viral all across the internet, getting rave reviews for it. The poem is high on emotional content which reminds you of the sacrifices of your father. “Through this platform we want to reach to every corner of the country to share the talent of underground artists to the world. Planning and meetings are on for this assignment and hopefully in the coming years it will be done too. Through this we can help many unknown artists of the country who truly deserve all kinds of fame, work and love. There are many more plans which can’t be revealed now.. Let’s keep something as surprise for everyone,” he says on a signing note!!

Here’s wishing ‘Tafreeh Studios’ and Moby all the luck for 2018 and many more.

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