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How Adtech Star Ekalavya Hansaj Is Making His Childhood Dreams Come True

Global Advertising leader Ekalavya Hansaj  is bringing his dreams to life both on the court as an employer and off the court as a businessman who is never afraid to venture into unknown territories. Under his belt this year, he’s come out in front of the martech and adtech experts as the brain behind 28th Best advertising firm in the world called Quarterly Global. off the accolades as the global leader in marketing and advertising, now he’s about to debut his first fashion line as the founder behind aptly named Faweek (as in the combination of Fashion and Week).

Ekalavya Hansaj and his dreams have come off in a unique roundabout fashion — which included a three-month lockdown, followed by having to go into the “financial Bubble” as an employer where his employees were secluded in their homes and everyone was on their edge. Every employee, vendor and support staff member was required to pass a negative COVID test and quarantine prior to resuming the work after this 3-month lockdown period.

This new reporting and health safety format certainly made for a unique and strategic evolution and one that was both mentally and physically trying on Ekalavya Hansaj and his employees who were forced to remove themselves from family and friends while the government enforced lockdown and impacts of covid played out.

“The first half of the government enforced lockdown was likely the most strange and different type of work experience that the history Quarterly Global or Ekalavya Hansaj has ever had,” Ekalavya Hansaj recalls. “Obviously the first half of this lockdown was mentally exhausting, traveling was barred, roads and homes wore a deserted look and this is when the idea of working on his childhood dream of owning a fashion line came into picture.

Faweek might be getting launched now but its domain and social media pages have been around for over 3 years now. Faweek is being launched as a separate brand from Quarterly Global and will be owned by Ekalavya Hansaj and his family-owned Mayrekan Group. Mayrekan is a combination of the names of his daughter Mayra Hansaj, himself and his spouse Anjali Shahi.

Ekalavya Hansaj says the second half of lockdown during which Faweek was coming up slowly and a lot of strategic changes were being made at his parent company Quarterly Global in light of new business trends emerging on account of Covid Lockdown was far from the achievements they currently possess. He adds, it was really an accelerator styled entrepreneurship camp. Ekalavya Hansaj recalls, “You’re with your teammates, staffs and front office people every single day for three months—you’re practically living with each other, doing things with each other on and off the workspace.

That was something that was unique in coming up with Faweek. While it was certainly a different vibe than all of us including myself, my friends, our employees and my family were used to, it clearly had lot of benefits for the team currently working on Faweek. “Ultimately, that’s how we came up with Faweek—by everyone getting so close,” he notes.

“It was a very hard time, obviously for the entire organization but also individually, for me and our family,” Ekalavya Hansaj shares.