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Ashish Bansal Shares 5 Golden Tips For Every Millennial Influencer’s Digital Growth

In today’s world, if there’s one place which has become a one-stop shop for all kinds of information, then it is social media. While there are a number of individuals trying to gain popularity on different social media platforms, they often forget the basics of social media and how it works. The digital expert Ashish Bansal has helped a number of brands and individuals to grow their presence online. While he specializes in digital marketing and online reputation management, he also holds an immense amount of knowledge about social media too.

A few years back he had started his own digital media firm called Born Social and since then he has been achieving new heights. Having worked with a number of influencers and brands, he knows what works in the digital world. In a recent interaction with us, the young entrepreneur has shared some of the most important points that an influencer needs to keep in mind to build their brand online:

Keep up with the trends

If you are not updated with the latest trends around you, you will be out of the game in no time. Hence, it is of utmost important to keep up with the trends, create more relevant, updated and fun content for your audience. The more the people will relate to your content, the better.

Explore newer platforms

The world of social media is ever changing with newer technology and applications coming in everyday. The social media platform that is trending today need not necessarily be in the trend in the years to come. That is why it is important for the influencers to explore the newer platforms and build their base.

Focus on organic growth

With so many people trying to have a strong presence on social media, the competition has become really tough. While the process of building a strong follower base is slow and gradual, some people resort to shortcuts relying on fake followers. However, this will not help in the long run as eventually it will reflect in your growth and engagement. Hence, it is always advisable to focus on organic growth rather than buying followers.

Identify your target group

It is very important to know who you’re targeting at. Different individuals, brands and services appeal to different sectors of audiences. Keeping in mind your target group, one needs to identify the kind of content they like to consume.

Prioritize quality over quantity

A user is always there on a platform for all the content. If your content is engaging enough, your brand will get visibility and attention from the audience, automatically generating new leads. The influencers should focus on a good frequency but should always prioritize quality over quantity.

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