Moonis Ali is a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur and the founder of EcomX University

eCom Mentor & Entrepreneur Moonis Ali talks about international expansion & training 1L students by 2021

Setting up a new business venture always comes with multiple responsibilities and a lot of hitches and this became the driving force for Moonis to move forward and hit the ground running. Moonis Ali is a successful eCommerce Entrepreneur and the founder of EcomX University. He is the best eCommerce trainer in India with vast experience and proven results. He has trained thousands of students in becoming online millionaires with his eCommerce expertise.

He Loves eCommerce & Dropshipping so Much that is the first Indian guy to record a Music Video on his eCommerce Journey called Ecom Rap – Moonis Ali. He demystified the reasons for his success. A lot of youngsters reach out to him, mentioning that they don’t have money to start an E-com business. Moonis backs all such enthusiastic entrepreneurs to be, trains them, grooms them & helps them carve their path to success.

Industrialisation was the first wave of entrepreneurship in this country. This period saw big industrialists emerging in sectors like commodities, manufacturing, iron and steel and giving the country’s GDP a much-needed leg up. While adding to this the ‘e-Commerce’ has boosted the scope for business across all sectors.

Moonis Ali is giving India a new breed of digital entrepreneurs, by motivating, training & guiding young business enthusiasts across India with his Course EcomX University & one-on-one Mentorship Program. Moonis says, “I strongly believe that making millions is not as difficult as it sounds if you have the right Mentor. My students have gone ahead to prove this in real numbers across India and abroad.”

He adds saying, “There is utmost satisfaction in creating entrepreneurs than being one. I am the happiest when my students touch a Million sale mark in the e-Commerce biz.” Over time, his online presence started to grow and he was invited to conduct a lot of coaching sessions at different colleges & corporates. With his proven personal impact on young people’s lives, he has decided to train as many students as possible. He targets to train 1,00,000 students by the end of 2021.

One of his students Sahil Jasuja says, “since I saw Moonis sir’s interviews, I started following his courses and in no time I’ve gained financial freedom & now I am happy with what I’m doing”. With his success talking in numbers, as a Keynote speaker Moonis has spoken at a number of events at multiple places Like IIM Indore, All India Affiliate Summit, Online Millionaire Summit, DAVV, Aisect University and others.

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