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Entrepreneur Roy Tabet explains his role as the first donor at Stallion group’s philanthropic endeavour

Roy Tabet is a well-established Lebanese entrepreneur who has used his earnings and efforts to make the world a better place. Roy has been associated with many non-profit organizations for years, one of them being Stallion Empowerment.

“Stallion empowerment initiative is a philanthropic endeavour of Stallion group founded by a close friend called Sahil Vaswani and his sister Sarina. It focuses on healthcare, education and youth empowerment. The initiative was introduced in Nigeria with the intention to have an overall socio-economic impact across West Africa in the future”, Roy says.

Roy was born in Beirut and is currently based in the UAE with his family. Being an ardent traveller has helped Roy understand various cultures and the ground reality of many people who are deprived of basic necessities. This has been one of the major driving forces that lead him to associate with philanthropic endeavours.

Roy states, “As the first donator in the foundation my main role is to help make a difference, raise awareness, and ensure we can build an even better tomorrow for the people. My donation to Stallion contributing to the upgrade of the premium Hospital and DSC primary and secondary school”.

As a philanthropist, Roy has been selflessly contributing some part of his earnings to various fields like education, healthcare, animal conservation, and many more.

Currently, Roy is in constant touch with the team who are in Africa for the upgrade plan. Roy had to give it a miss due to the COVID-19 restrictions but is making sure to provide his backend support.

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