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Ilan Tzorya – The Success Story Of Crypto Millionaire And Investment Ideas

Ilan Tzorya is the founder of Legion Run, Chief Executive Officer of the Krypton Capital and a million-dollar entrepreneur. Owing to his investments in Bitcoin-related companies, he is hailed as ‘The King of Crypto’. The subsidiary of Krypton Capital, Global Fintech Solutions is also headed by Ilan Tzorya. Legion Run is the world’s leading digital currency asset manager.

There are various people who have become crypto millionaires as they’ve, well, bought low and sold high. But there’s also a different types of crypto millionaire—the crypto entrepreneurs who have the necessary business acumen to make world-changing solutions, and Mr. Ilan Tzorya is among one, having that much of coins he can be called as a crypto millionaire while still being in his 30s.

Ilan Tzorya got into the crypto world when one of his friend help him to purchase him some Bitcoin in exchange for cashback in 2008. Within very short span Ilan Tzorya developed an interest with crypto and the realization that it allows anyone with an internet connection to exchange value simply and don’t need a centralized   removing the need for a centralized broker, such as banks or even governments.

Before he plans to cash out some of his crypto investment, he planned already knew were to spend the money: launch Legion Run, a decentralized prediction market meant to harness the wisdom of the crowd. After a $5 million ICO, Legion Run is now live and doing well.

In addition to Augur and several minor crypto ventures, Ilan Tzorya is also responsible for Global Fintech Solutions, which is financial institutions through technically. His personal website is IlanTzorya.net and empower small and amateur institutions helping blockchain technology across the world.

 How Ilan Tzorya took up his Crypto Journey?

Mr. Ilan Tzorya is a true example of a self-learning man, he started his investment in digital currency with a very low amount under financial advisor and in his early days he started losing his money, and that’s where he feels the importance of a good financial advisor.

After losing some of his capital, he started doing research and analysis of his own become his own financial advisor and with a very short span of time, he earned a good amount of return on his investment. In the year 2011, he started his first company in under the name of Global Fintech Solutions that help financial institutions through technically.

Mr. Ilan Tzorya has earning a good amount of money and reputation but he was not satisfied because of his very helpful by nature since childhood so, he decided to become a full-time digital currency investment advisor and helping the new and experienced investor and entrepreneur.

In the year 2017, he started a company called Krypton Capital through which he started as a career in digital currency investment advisor and planner and soon it becomes a well known financial institution around the globe.

Ilan Tzorya Became Top Rated Crypto Investor

In very short of time Mr. Ilan Tzorya  generated large number of satisfied and happy clients around the globe and his company billion-dollar business and he is also the founder of Legion Run. The major portion of his customers are from Europian countries and the United States of America and more.

After his high success in the industry, he often invited by well known financial institutions and events as guest speaker and motivator. He has a huge impact on youth and upcoming entrepreneur.

It is very important to choose your sound financial planner before appointing or investing any amount of capital. Losing your hard earned money is easy and earning money is very tuff.

Ilan Tzorya Explains The Five Important Points For Future Crypto Investor and Entrepreneur

Bitcoin is the latest favourite investment stop for investors these days. Cryptocurrencies have been existing since 2016 and it has been attracting people since then. Many people invest in Bitcoin for real investments but some of them have invested for the learning process. There are a lot of stories good and bad both about Bitcoin which confuses the people. A strong reason for this confusion is due to no centralized authority for guiding and helping the investors.

However, there is a saying that it is not good to enter any investment market without proper knowledge as it will do more harm than good. A lot of stories have been doing round the corner suggesting the losses faced by the Bitcoin traders who invest without proper knowledge and guidance. In this article, I have listed 5 points that a Bitcoin investor should consider before investing in it

  1. Research and Observations

Investment has two aspects, Profit and Risk, the former amuses you while the latter annoys you. But as they say if you wish to pluck roses you will have to first face the thorns. However, the people who study the plant before plucking skip the thorns to a great extent. Cryptocurrency is the same it comes with profits and risks which are inevitable.

Hence, it is said that research is the key before anything whether it is a big or a small investment. Doing own homework is the safest thing any investor can do to avoid any kind of forthcoming losses. Cryptocurrency has been in the records for a lot of years and there has been a lot of modification in it since then. Now a question arises, which is the best way to research? The thing that the investor can do is avoiding the hype and be confident of his own research. There have been a lot of articles in the internet database which is not enough. Hence, in my opinion, the investor should consider going for a mentor who is knowledgable and trustworthy. First understand the mechanics of Bitcoins, assess how it works? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Once you get the answer for all of these questions you should proceed with your investment process.

  1. Go slow

It is often seen that once people or investors get to know about a new investing line, they simply dive into the process. Exploring new resources is not a bad thing however, going blind and clueless is. In my opinion, investors should first try to dig in the clues about the new investment line. Once this is done, they should invest small amounts in it, always remember Bitcoin is a very flexible currency the more time you hold the better price you get. Just wait for the prices to go down and whenever this happens just take the right step. However, cryptocurrency comes with a lot of risks which are inevitable. The risks here are high as compared to other sources as the world of cryptocurrency is underdeveloped. Hence, it is advisable to take small and cautious steps at each level to avoid any aforesaid loss.

  1. Choose your wallets

Cryptocurrency is becoming popular at a much faster pace than thought of. Today, everybody wants to know more about it and invest in it even if they get a small clue about it. But are you really read? Is researching and investing the only thing which matters here? The answer is No! It is not as simple as it appears. The world of cryptocurrency is an online space that requires more security than the physical world. A lot of predators are sitting there to steal your hard earned money. Hence, cybersecurity here plays an important role here it is very important to first create security layers for the space and then move forward. In my opinion people should consider investing more in cold wallets over hot wallets.

  1. Get ready for challenges

Cryptocurrency as discusses above is more volatile as compared to other sources of investments. There is a lot of price fluctuation which it is subjected to behind the curtains. Hence, the investor should be ready for these kinds of challenges. A smart investor is one who buys Bitcoins when the price is less and hold it for the time the prices are up to earn maximum profits.

  1. Widen your Space

Diversification is necessary while investing! A smart investor never resort to a single space while investing. He always assesses the options available to him before making a final decision. The reason for this habit can be ascertained by the fact that if you put all your money in a single channel and if it backfires then the consequences could be lethal. Therefore, although Bitcoin is the first preference for the lovers of cryptocurrency. Yet a lot of other options such as Ripple, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin are equally rewarding and good.

Exploring other options will help in the way that if the price of one option falls other will rise and you will be in a safer zone.

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