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How to stay inspired and rock your creativity — Learn from Abhinav Bhardwaj

Inspired from mythological Ravana — the story of Abhinav Bhardwaj

Ravana, the mythological character and villain of Ramayana, is proof that there is always some sort of good in every bad person. He is known as a connoisseur of arts, a talented scholar and a renowned thinker of his times, a great leader who dedicated his life to nurture various arts and artists. Following his own passion for art, Abhinav Bhardwaj, a 25 years old guy from Ghaziabad, has turned Ravana for his daily dose inspiration. After completing his degree in VFX and Animation from Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU), Abhinav decided to dedicate his life to encourage and honour the arts in his own life and in the lives of people around him and started his journey towards his goal at the age of 20.

Abhinav is a passionate designer and believes that creative designs, even on social media posts have the power to change the way people think. He believes that even simple designs have the power to strike chords in the hearts and minds of people and make a positive change in society. Hence, on his social media posts, he constantly posts simple minimal designs that have some sort of Indianness to it. During the entire lockdown, Abhinav has posted numerous designs on his Instagram handles, all related to the trending topics in India and motivating people to stay home but stay inspired. As a result, it has got people engaging to his posts and stories. He has earned about 20,000 followers on his page.

His creatives have also landed him designing projects with some popular brands such as Apple, Paytm, The Cricket Lounge, The Funniest Indian, The Confused Indian, and many more. He has also been designing creatives for the Indian Political Party AAP, and a lot of popular fashion icons on Instagram.

Apart from his designing skills, people also look forward to Abhinav’s posts for fashion and styling inspiration. His unusual choices in fashion — vibrant colours, attractive clothes and shoes, accessories, etc. make him a centre of attraction wherever he goes. His unusual fashion taste and great following over the Instagram has fetched him various fashion deals from popular brands.

Abhinav, at such a young age, is making the best of his knowledge, skills and fashion & design sense to not just earn money, but also to inspire people around him. Getting inspired from Ravana, but only for his good persona, definitely speaks volumes about this guy. Staying inspired is important while you develop your skills and move towards success, and having an inspiration that keeps us interested really helps. There is a lot to learn from the story of unusual choices — the story of Abhinav.

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