If you are active on any social media platform, the name Loren Gray won’t be unheard of. This woman is absolutely everywhere. And this is a celebration of the same.

Loren Gray- TikTok’s most popular person with 37.3 million

Loren Gray, the 17-year old mega superstar and TikTok queen-pin has grabbed the attention of the world by the scruff of its neck and turned it inside out with her talents and her fame. With close to 37 and a half million subscribers on TikTok alone and close to 17 million subscribers on Instagram, Loren Gray is what’s up! She has been the talk of the town for years on end and she cannot expect anything more than what she has achieved at the age that she is. She has been interviewed time and again by important journalism websites in the United States. She has mastered all of the social media platforms as soon as they came out. With her immense fan following on Musical.ly and YouNow, a platform popular 5 years ago, she has monopolized the entire social media world.

Her growth at such a young age has inspired a lot of young personalities all over the world to kick-start a career for themselves in something like this in recent years. So, her influence has been massive. A majority of her videos are makeup tutorials, which is what sprang her to the spot where she is right now. And her collaborations with actors have also made it possible for her to be in the position that she is in right now.

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