Sarabjeet Sachar is the Founder & CEO of Aspiration, a holistic agency which over the past 20 years has established itself amongst the top agencies with unique offerings of career services to the job seeker.. His personal mission is “To help job seekers get their dream job faster than they ever would in the absence of his help”. He has developed a unique job search program ( 105 days) which has helped thousands of job seekers get their dream job.

With an overall experience of over 35 years comprising a mix of sales, recruitment and job search & interview coaching, Sarabjeet spent the initial 17 years in the corporate in top management with reputed media & pharma organizations like Times of India, Living Media, The Hindu, Indian Express, Wallace Pharma , Zee TV Network as Senior VP Sales followed by 20 exciting years of steering Aspiration’s growth in recruitment, job search coaching, interview coaching and online courses. Read our conversation with Sarabjeet on job training, lifestyle coaching and other important aspects below –

For many years have you been grooming young talent for job interviews?

20 years

Different job profiles need different interview coaching. How do you keep yourself updated with all of it to help youngsters?

While different job profiles have different requirements, there is one thing that is common across job profiles which is that every job has a pain point. The basic premise for succeeding at interviews is to identify the pain point of every job and then aligning your skills and expertise to presenting yourself as a solution provider demonstrating through success stories. I have developed a system which when used by job seekers, they are able to present themselves effectively by communicating their value proposition to the interviewers. So as I keep interviewing HR heads from different employer companies , conducting webinars and coaching students I learn about new challenges and I am able to offer them updated techniques to handle such challenges.

In your entire professional journey, what is that one learning or lesson that you always share with young students?

I tell young students that they need to use their transferable skills with focus on soft skills like time management, collaborative skills, presentation and communication skills, creative thinking, ability to solve problems , going the extra mile and so on to market their candidature. Hard skills can be gained however the transferable skills will help them grab the job offers.

You also post a lot of your content on YouTube for helping them reach a wide audience. How do you balance your time in between all this?

Helping job seekers with out -of- the- box strategies and techniques is my passion and I love doing that. And content creation is what I have been doing some time now and it is primarily my experience that I share through my You Tube content which comes naturally to me. So it easy for me to plan my weekly schedule and along side my coaching , I can manage the content development piece.

What’s the change in attitude job-seekers must have after Covid-19 pandemic?

The most important change is to strengthen and have a positive mindset, have goals and constantly keep evolving. That is because the post pandemic environment offers new challenges and has shown us that things are unpredictable and we need to learn to focus on the half glass full and perform under such a dynamic environment in the marketplace. That one can do by developing the ability to find creative solutions.

What’s your message to young entrepreneurs?

“Show up every day”. irrespective of all the challenges that one faces as an entrepreneur , one needs to keep persevering and keep learning and keep moving on. It is like while batting in cricket you need to remain on the pitch because there will be an opportunity you will get through a loose ball or a no ball when you will hit a sixer and keep building your score. You cannot afford to leave the pitch.

Lastly, what according to you is one characteristic that’s immensely important for any candidate in order to be an asset to his/her company?

A candidate needs to demonstrate to the employer that he/she is a solution provider. Irrespective of whatever the situation, a candidate who can come up with solutions to the challenges the job role offers will remain most valuable to the employer companies.