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New-age brand solutions firm The Pivotals is helping the entertainment industry embrace an uncertain future

The media landscape is in a constant state of flux, and the world is witnessing swathes of change in the way content is created, marketed and consumed. The amount of digital content consumption is also growing every day, especially in the backdrop of the ongoing the Covid-19 pandemic. Artistes, production houses and content creators are all struggling to cope up with this dynamic evolution of the world of show-business. Amidst all this clutter, how do you ensure that your identity stands out and shines?

New-age stakeholder engagement firm, The Pivotals, knows just the trick. By recognizing the change, and empowering people with relevant tools to ensure consistency in brand messaging, the company has helped scores of production agencies, brands, and individuals navigate this uncertain and complex ecosystem.

Started in 2016 by Pranshu Sikka, a strategic communication consultant with almost 15 years of professional experience, The Pivotals has helped hundreds of media entities adapt to changes at a breakneck pace, and create narratives that aim to strengthen them.

Discussing the democratization of content and its effect on brands, Pranshu Sikka says, “While once stars such as Salman or Shahrukh were the driving force behind the cinematic experience, the arrival of OTT platforms has completely changed that. Today, the character and narrative take precedence. That is because the overwhelming supply of content has ensured that viewers have more say in what they want to consume. This means that the monopoly of the traditional movie industry in India doesn’t work anymore.”

To help new and old production agencies align with this emerging trend, Sikka and his team of seasoned PR and marketing specialists, content experts, digital marketers, and communication consultants, have leveraged their vast experience to create quality content, and amplify it to a wider audience.

According to Mumbai based production company Blazers who has worked with The Pivotals in the past, “Media and entertainment companies must accept that traditional content monarchies don’t work anymore. The consumer doesn’t like to be told what to watch; you can only lead them to your content. For that to happen, you have to ensure that your content gets attention in a sea of devices, platforms and carriers. The Pivotals not only helped us understand this change, but also strategized with us to fulfill evolving consumer desires.”

The company has also helped a plethora of new-age celebrities, more popularly known as ‘influencers’ monetize their skills and content. As content consumption moves online, so do most revenue-generation models. Players across the spectrum have understood this shift and are adapting their business models accordingly.

“The spurt of new-age influencers has opened multiple avenues of monetizing off-screen assets. From fashion bloggers to food critics, travel influencers, and fitness experts, everyone has been able to leverage this democratization. So, what if they didn’t become celebrities on the big screen! They are now happily gobbling up space and money they are getting in the online world. Advertisers follow money, and money is where the creator is,” concludes Mr Sikka.

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