In conversation with Udit Goenka

SaaS Specialist & Digital Entrepreneur Udit Goenka says he will turn down any giant employment offers too

Udit Goenka is the Founder & CEO of PitchGround dba. Little SaaS, Inc., a SaaS market place is helping new tech companies to connect with early adopters. Before PitchGround, Udit was also a part of several other profitable ventures from which he made a successful exit. He helps creators, agencies, solopreneurs, and businesses to grow their online business with the help of software and the Education-First Driven approach.

After gaining immense experience in the field of online entrepreneurship and SaaS, Udit is now focusing to teach others how to discern between good advice, and false narratives. To truly make an impact, his team behind PitchGround has assembled together what we call an Education-First approach to educate the online businesses and help them with affordable software solutions, which earlier has been very expensive otherwise.

With immense success he has experienced with PitchGround, Udit talks about other opportunities knowing his door. However, he is clear about his interests & goals. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Udit believes that he could work on his own empire rather than build it for someone who’s just credited him with a part of the revenue. Rather, he chooses to guide young & budding entrepreneurs which give him satisfaction for helping others gain financial freedom.

In the last 22 months, PitchGround has helped over 25+ companies to generate over $2.5M in revenue, enabling them to build a better-bootstrapped company. He believes that education should be free, software should be affordable, and easily accessible. When you combine them both, it creates a wealth of opportunities for everyone.

He has generated business from scratch and knows how hard it is to do that step-by-step. He has implemented the right growth hacking strategies to grow the business to a multi-million dollar company. He started marketing online at the young age of 17. He learned Photoshop on his own and started creating logos as a freelancer and had to learn every which way possible to generate customers even before sites like fiverr existed.

He adds saying, “My suggestion to everyone is that one should never stop learning, persistence is the key to long term successful journey. It’s not a quick-rich scheme. It is unlikely to launch your first ad and make money immediately.” Coming from a very entrepreneurial and hard-working family, Udit did not grow up in any fancy environment.

What makes him different, is the everyday actions that have carried him through some crazy waves in life and in business. He has implemented the right growth hacking strategies to grow the business to a multi-million dollar company. Though he started off with a lot of uncertainty, he has now marked his success. Udit is now on the glorious journey to guide enthusiastic digital entrepreneurs & to help them make millions.

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