Sushil Rajput is working hard to help people beat Coronavirus in Bhopal

Sushil Rajput Bannaji is standing with the people in this tough time in Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal to fight against Coronavirus

Today, many show off for the work they do by displaying on social media platforms. Well, we feel that’s an insult to the people whom you help. But very few understand that in our time, social work is not about being pompous about it, it is about showing the path to others about how to help society without any show-off.

We spotted one young person who hails from a reputed family of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. At his age, people, today in India, are busy in other activities. But he is working day and night to help people who are in need in his area and many other places in Madhya Pradesh.

He is a young and dynamic social media influencer Sushil Rajput Bannaji of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, setting a right path for the young minds in his area.

Sushil Rajput Bannaji is known for his excellent work, loves to serve people who are in need, after all, he belongs to Royal Blood of Kshatriya, so helping people come naturally to him.

Sushil Rajput Bannaji believes in improving the quality of life for the people, society, and system with social justice. His work separates him from others, as he believes in social justice and equality. His job is not easy; he has to struggle hard to counsel people. 

Due to his work, he is quite famous in social media platforms like FB, Instagram (sushil_rajput_bannaji), etc where people in large numbers follow him. You can see his tagline (Stay Safe Stay Home INDIA). It is good to see a young man like Sushil Rajput guiding his followers to remain safe in this crunch time. 

Now, due to COVID-19, India is facing a big problem, Especially poor people in every state of India. But in Bhopal, things are not the same as other states. Because they have got young social workers like Sushil Rajput Bannaji who are there for people when they are in need, they are serving necessary things to poor people in places where it is needed the most. 

With that Sushil Rajput Bannaji is also helping people understand the importance of social distancing because he knows that’s the only way to stop this deadly Coronavirus.

It is great to see people like Sushil Rajput Bannaji doing laudable work in this tough time in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

We hope that India gets more volunteers like Sushil Rajput Bannaji in coming years so that India can fight against most significant odds like Coronavirus and other problems.

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