Swapnil Jain, hailing from Bhiwandi Mandi in Rajasthan, has made a name for himself in the Audio Series industry. His creation, ‘Insta Millionaire,’ has become a fan-favorite on Pocket FM, captivating its audience. Although Swapnil initially played supporting roles in web series like ‘Crash Course,’ it was his exceptional writing skills that made him stand out. His partnership with Pocket FM led to the massive success of ‘Insta Millionaire.’ We recently had the opportunity to interview Swapnil Jain and gain insights into his journey from actor to writer and the creation of his hit Audio Series on Pocket FM, ‘Insta Millionaire.’

Question: Swapnil, can you take us through your journey from acting to writing?

Swapnil: My journey from acting to writing began when I discovered my love for reading poetry. I used to enjoy reading poetries and listening to ghazals with my dad, and it sparked my interest in literature. Initially, I mostly wrote nonfiction pieces like essays and reports. However, my teachers encouraged me to explore fiction writing as well. Taking their advice, I ventured into the world of storytelling and started writing fictional works. It was a new and exciting experience for me. Gradually, I realized that writing allowed me to express my creativity and imagination in a unique way. From there, I embraced writing wholeheartedly, diving into various genres and honing my skills as a writer. It has been a fulfilling journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring stories to life through my words.

Question: Okay, as you mentioned earlier, you used to engage in reading poetry and listening to ghazals with your father. Could you please share the names of some poets who greatly inspired you or whose works you particularly enjoyed?

Swapnil: During that period, I developed a fondness for Mahadevi Verma’s stories, especially one called “Gillu,” which left a lasting impression on me. Additionally, I found inspiration in the poems of Sumitra Nandan Pant, as well as the dohas of Kabir and Rahim. I also discovered the ghazals of Majnu Sultanpuri. Later on, my father introduced me to ghazal singers like Pankaj Udhas, Ghulam Ali, and Jagjit Singh. Although I couldn’t recall the specific ghazals they sang, the words and melodies of these compositions served as profound sources of inspiration. Subsequently, I delved into the works of other poets such as Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir, and many more.

Question: It seems your father played a crucial role in inspiring your writing and other endeavors. Could you elaborate on the significance of his influence?

Swapnil: Indeed, my father played a pivotal role in not only inspiring me but also supporting my writing. However, I must acknowledge that the art of writing and storytelling stemmed from my mother, who often narrated various stories from daily life, not limited to fairy tales or folklore. She would recount incidents involving our friends, acquaintances, or even my father’s companions, presenting them in a structured narrative form. This storytelling practice greatly contributed to my development as a storyteller.

Question: Could you share how your association with Pocket FM came about?

Swapnil: While I was working in the educational sector in a remote area of Rajasthan, I collaborated with government officials and teachers, training them in drama education. One day, I received a call from Vishal Desai, a senior from the theater community, informing me about an opportunity with Pocket FM. He explained that they were seeking writers, and upon expressing my interest, I embarked on this new endeavor. Shortly thereafter, I had the pleasure of meeting Shruti and Akash from the Pocket FM team, and our bond grew stronger by the day. Eventually, I made the decision to resign from my previous job and join Pocket FM.

Question: One of your notable works on Pocket FM is “Insta Millionaire,” featuring a protagonist named Lucky, who faces challenges in life. How much can you, Swapnil, relate to Lucky, considering your background from a small town?

Swapnil: The story of “Insta Millionaire” resonates with me deeply, as it portrays the journey of a boy transitioning from a small town to a bustling city. The stark contrast in lifestyle, streets, markets, and overall way of living can be overwhelming. Often, young individuals tend to showcase and boast about their newfound experiences. In doing so, they risk losing sight of important values such as compassion, humanity, non-judgment, and non-violence. These values were instilled in me by my family and the community I grew up in. When I moved to the city, I encountered similar challenges to those faced by Lucky in the story. Hence, I find “Insta Millionaire” highly relatable, and through Lucky, I aim to remind others not to forget these values and convey them in a polite manner.

Question: Considering your involvement with Pocket FM, can you highlight any other noteworthy works in which you have been a part?

Swapnil: Certainly, there are other shows in which I have been involved on Pocket FM, including ‘Ek Raja aur Ek Dayan,’ ‘Kaisi Yeh Mohabbat,’ ‘Kambakt Ishq.’ I began my journey with ‘Jab We Met,’ which was also a fulfilling experience.

Question: Were you an industry insider, or did you enter the industry as an outsider? If you were an outsider, how was your reception within the industry?

Swapnil: I entered the industry as a complete outsider, devoid of any connections or prior experience. Initially, I had heard stories about the industry being ruthless and unwelcoming, but Pocket FM’s reception shattered these preconceived notions. They not only provided me with a platform but also treated me with utmost respect. Their warm reception eradicated my own prejudices and dispelled the negative perceptions that others may still hold. I have come to realize that the industry is wonderful if one is passionate about their work and has something meaningful to contribute. It embraces newcomers wholeheartedly with open arms.

Question: Swapnil, what message would you like to convey to aspiring newcomers who find you inspiring?

Swapnil: To all the aspiring newcomers, my message would be to remain true to yourselves, dedicated to your craft, and punctual in your commitments. These seemingly small aspects hold significant importance in your professional journey. While it is possible to stumble upon opportunities along the way, it is crucial to reflect on how you handle those opportunities. Your sincerity and performance in these moments matter greatly. Often, when you experience initial success, there is a tendency to develop an unhealthy attitude and become complacent. Therefore, it is essential to put in continuous effort, maintain honesty, and show kindness to others.

Swapnil has made a significant impact in the theater industry with his exceptional plays. ‘Romeo and Juliet in Smart Cities of Contemporary India’ and ‘HAIN!’ have received critical acclaim and been featured in national theater festivals. He has also displayed his skills as a writer-actor in the Disney+Hotstar production ‘Rubisha.’

The Audio Series series called “Insta Millionaire” has been a huge success for Pocket FM and has greatly benefited the career of its creator, Swapnil Jain. This series has generated more than Rs 30 crore in revenue and has a total of 900 episodes. It has become immensely popular around the world, with over 300 million plays in English, Hindi, and Tamil, and over 3.5 billion minutes of listening time.