Learn more about Yuvraj Raghuvanshi

A young and talented Entrepreneur, Yuvraj Raghuvanshi, works with some of the biggest name in the Bollywood Industry

To be successful online, celebrities need a professional Digital Marketer who effectively manages all their profiles while expanding their media presence. Yuvraj Raghuvanshi is one such young Online Entrepreneur who manages celebrities media strategies and success with his digital expertise.

Yuvraj is a Mumbai based Entrepreneur, digital marketer and IT expert, providing niche services in the Film and Television Industry. He is an expert in the IT field and has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Yuvraj Raghuvanshi specializes in managing profiles of top celebrities in the film and T.V Industry. He does not endorse any other brands or agencies or even outsource marketing. As a social media influencer and marketing strategist, he promotes social messages, movies and brands videos on social media with his influencer network across India.

Yuvraj has a strong understanding of how to rank organically in the search results. This is beneficial to celebrities who wish to retain and promote the growth for their online reputation. He has the know-how of running an online celebrity profiles and knows how to drive traffic using several strategies. His mission is to provide digital solutions to his high profile clients at the most economical price. For this, he professionally collaborates with celebrities in a way to successfully guarantee a smooth-running and highly entertaining online communication.

Coming from a humble family in Uttar Pradesh, Yuvraj left his hometown to pursue his acting career in Mumbai. But realising the insecurities of the life of an actor, he left the acting field and turned to a completely new road. Back then, social media was creating an uproar in the digital world. He was awestruck by the online world and later decided to focus on what he enjoyed most…creating digital solutions. Since he already had contacts in the Bollywood Industry, he started handling the online media marketing for celebrities.

At a very young age, Yuvraj started his entrepreneurial journey in 2015. He launched his company with a vision to become one of the greatest and youngest influential entrepreneurs of India. In all these years, his Digital Marketing Agency has grown into one of the most respected and recognized companies in the Film and T.V industry.

Says Yuvraj, ‘ I have seen many ups and downs in my life. But I survived because of my ‘Never say Die’ attitude. Also, I am fortunate to get support from my family during the critical period of my life. I started my journey as an Entrepreneur and am quite happy and successful in doing what I do now.’

Yuvraj with his dedication, passion and hard work, today young Yuvraj runs one of the top celebrity management agency and handles high profile clients from the film industry.