See inside how Faisal and Jannat are enjoying times!

Faisu and Jannat Zubair hilarious memories caught on camera!

Well, speaking of memories, we couldn’t resist but recall this ballad of Matthew Parker, “GOOD MEMORIES”, and when it goes like,

“I could never forget
All the memories, all the good times
All the happy moments
We’re living life, we’re dying until the day we die
‘Cause we won’t forget these memories
For the rest of our lives”

That’s what we get to leave with, in the long run, memories; moments that we shared with our bosoms and beloved! What else to recall within the next 20 years, when we will grow older and remember the reminiscences that we left behind! But that’s for us, ever wondered how it goes with the stars and our favourite celebrities? Well, they get to secure their memories in both off-screen and on-screen! Within the passing time, these captures become their salvation to evolve further!

Remembering our favourite celebrities, how could we forget Faisal and Jannat, we recently secured their on-screen euphoric moments, that would make you recall your quality time spent with your bosoms! The duo looks so happy and elated in those timeless pictures!

Here are some of them!

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