TikTok star Faisu has this uncanny style of putting up a cute hair-do that will match with his attire.

TikTok star Faisu’s sleek combination of style with hair-do

TikTok star Faisu aka Faisal Shaikh has been a TikTok wonder with him enjoying huge popularity on the internet.

He is stunning to the core with his well-dressed look and smile always put up on his face.

However what makes Faisu all the more admirable is the way in which he changes his hair-do to suit what he wears.

We looked through his Instagram pictures and were bowled over to see his stylized hair-do going really well with the attires he chooses.

He can pull up his hair in a bun formation. He can part it up to the right as well as left, have a oily finish or a silky free-flowing touch to his hair… Whatever he does, he looks great….

Do you want to have a look? Here you go….

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