Check to see how Mithila and Kalki are dropping the thunder in their Saree Avatar!

Top 10 Mithila Palkar And Kalki Koechlin Saree Look That We Absolutely Love!

What is the one outfit that Indian ladies depend on? Believe it or not, it’s saree. Regardless of whether while sprucing up for an event, or to set up a great articulation, saree is our go-to clothing. Also, is there any good reason why it shouldn’t be when there are such a significant number of reasons concerning why this is the ideal outfit for women!

Lately, we spotted our favourite women in sarees, Mithila the viral cup song girl, who has amazed us with Marathi nuances into her style statements and Kalki of course, the darling feminist who has always stood up for her own rights and have always been outspoken of what she believes in!

Both look absolutely gorgeous in their fashion choices, be it from minis to a nine-yard cloth!

Here are the pictures!

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