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The web series revolves around the story of a young and naïve boy transforming into being mature and confident through his journey of pursuing cricket.

A tipping point in Manjit’s life in ‘Duck Se Dude’

When life knocks you down, only you can pick yourself up and carry on, but in Manjit’s case there is someone else to help him out.  Yes, we are talking about the life of a young and naive boy Manjit, the protagonist from India’s first ever radio and digital web series ‘Duck Se Dude’ by BIG FM. The web series launching today, chronicles Manjit’s life wherein he always struggles to excel in every area of his life. His low self-confidence has been a driving reason that keeps him at the bottom rung amongst his peers. He is a classified loser and the 12th man of the society’s cricket team.

Manjit’s innocent soul falls for a pretty girl who is not less than a diva, but given his introvert nature he can’t muster the courage to confess his feelings to her. While he has grown-up feeling non-existent, this time around he is not willing to let that be a reason to lose the girl he loves. His inner instinct pushes him to do something about the situation and he reaches out to someone for help. The person he reaches out to is a good listener, a friend for all and someone who is just a phone call away.

Who does Manjit seek help from? Will that be the right step or things will take a different turn altogether? To figure out this mystery, watch the first episode of Duck Se Dude released today only on the YouTube page, BIG Originals.

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