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The list of MX Player regional language shows which are a must-watch

Four regional language shows on MX Player you can binge watch anytime!

We all love good shows we can binge over the weekend and maybe sneak in during workdays. And if you’ve had a week that has already left you nothing less than exhausted, then we have the perfect binge list for you.

Try experimenting with these regional romantic dramedies – we promise you that they are extremely engaging, ethnically diverse and that they will make you feel a myriad of emotions! Here’s the list of MX Player which are a must-watch!

Aani Kay Hava – Starring the perfect couple that’s ruling Marathi cinema – Priya Bapat & Umesh Kamat, MX Exclusive ‘Aana Kay Hava’ traces the firsts in the life of practically any couple. Leaving the viewers with the thought of reliving their magical firsts, the show sees the onscreen reunion of Umesh and Priya after seven long years! Rekindling their famed chemistry in 20 min each episode, this is certainly a must watch for all couples and Priya-Umesh fans!

Do Not Disturb – A Gujarati series, starring the Gujarati cinema heart throb MalharThakar and the very famous Manasi Parekh Gohil, ‘Do Not Disturb’ follows the conversations that flow in a bedroom of a modern day Gujju couple. Directed by Sandeep Patel, it is a take on marriage through a keyhole.

Kalyanam Conditions Apply 2.0 – The second season of the highly appreciated Tamil show Kalyanam Conditions Apply is back on MX Player. Starring famous celebrity couple – Sreeja Chandran & Senthil Kumar, Kalyanam Conditions Apply 2.0 is a guide to what marriagetruly encompasses. The six episodic romantic comedy series captures the daily conversations and anecdotes of what goes on in the celeb couple’s life and shows you how similar it is to yours!

Lots of Love – The series takes viewers on an emotional and comic rollercoaster ride weaving in and out of lives of four friends, their dynamics and them being fierce backbones for each other. Featuring an ensemble cast with Aravind Krishnan, Nishanthi, Ram Jeebu and Sudheer in lead roles, this Tamil series will definitely make you deep dive into your fun and loving relationship with your friends

Jump into your bed with a bucket full of popcorn and stream into MX Player for these and more for FREE!

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