6 life lessons to get from Bhuvan Bam

Life lessons we can learn from Bhuvan Bam

We all know, BB Ki Vines, aka Bhuvan Bam who has revolutionised the entire YouTube scenes in India. We all admire him a lot, but have you paid heed to his actual words? If not, then here we have come up with 6 of his valid perceptions that would change your life!

1. Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself or rather get inspired.

2. Boldly, make mistakes! Don’t think what others will think! Self-confidence is the key.

3. Choose your friends wisely!

4. Avoid hate speeches! It brings negativity

5. No jealousy! Don’t be jealous, if you have it in you, you will stay!

6. Spend time with your family, your parents!

BB posted a story after he completed 6millions followers, and he shared his 6 life lessons with his followers on Instagram, to inspire the whole BB family!

We have lined up both of his videos 3:3 lessons down below! Check to know in details about the above-mentioned lessons!

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