Let’s find out which one is your favourite Sitcom

How I Met Your Mother vs Big Bang Theory: Which Is Your Favourite Sitcom?

Well, when not everybody is not a fan of a sitcom, some of us are really fond of them. And we know some of you are too and if you are not, then either of these two “How I Met Your Mother” or “Big Bang Theory” would make you one! And here go the briefs of the two!

How I Met Your Mother, is an American sitcom, released in the year, 2005, is now also available on Hotstar. The sitcom is a complete delight to watch and intriguing too. The whole story spins around how the father narrates his love story with the mother of his children. The romantic comedy is absolutely a must-watch and could make you go giggly inside. Make sure you watch, asap!

Here is the trailer!

Big Bang Theory, is also an American Sitcom, the show’s pivotal episode premiered in the year 2007, September. The series is super engaging for those who enjoy sitcom to the fullest. The story revolves around 4 friends, who happened to meet Penny, from where their lives take a holistic turn! Check the trailer out! And if you have Netflix, go for it!

Here is the trailer!

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