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Reasons to watch Aditi Mittal LIVE

One of the best stand-up comedians in India and the best and first female to do stand-up comedy is no doubt, the one, and only Aditi Mittal. She is not only a comedian but also an amazing actress and writer.

She is so confident about her choice in a career that it’s like an adventure sport for her, she says. Aditi’s uniqueness is that she locates humor in the most uncomfortable moments in our lives and also makes us think about it later without any regret. She really immerses herself in the show that gives her something authentic to talk about on stage.

Aditi’s best comedy shows are based upon the things that are considered taboo in India or topics people are ashamed to talk about. She keeps it high with the twisted sarcasm and makes us realize the emphasis of the topics to be talked about. She has the talent to win audiences in a single takeaway after a serious talk. Her video on Bra Shopping has got views of more than 7.3 M. Aditi concentrates on spreading awareness through her jokes.

So, this is what makes her one of the India’s most popular stand-up comics who is so resonant with the audience. You need to watch her live in action!

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