Indian stand-up comedy at its peak

The Rise of Indian Stand Up Comedy

The well-known faces of Indian stand-up comedy are Kapil Sharma, Zakir khan, Kenny Sebastian, Aditi Mittal, Atul Khatri, Abhish Mathew to name a few of the many comedians. In today’s era, stand-up comedy has gained a lot of faces and viewers, and is now a flourishing career for many.

Stand-up comedy can be a fun job for you if you are full of humor. What is a better job than making people laugh, instead of sitting 9 to 5 in a desk job, which was the case earlier in a country like India, where people are way more conservative and find it difficult to laugh or take something as a joke? It was difficult for stand-up comedy to rise as a career, but right now, it is the most flourishing career option one could opt for.

Nowadays, one has become interested in being a part of stand-up comedy and contributing to society through means of comedy and raising social awareness through the medium of comedy. Comedians have been appreciated and have become a need. Right from corporates to hotels, pubs to event organizers, people have been paying in the thousands to get a seat booked and attend a comedy featured show like East India Comedy, Canvas Laugh Club and Bhadipa. These are some of the clubs that give budding stand-up comedians a platform to showcase their talent. So every comedian out there, it is the right time for you to step out and show your true talents.

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