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Ashish Chanchlani has ripped up the entire YouTube world. He is killing it. But, fact of the matter is, so is his sister, Muskan Chanchlani.

Take beauty tips from Ashish Chanchlani’s sister Muskan Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani’s sister Muskan Chanchlani has started a channel of her own where she talks about makeup and gives beauty tips to people. Her fame is rising slowly and steadily and she is doing a great job of it. Even though, it may seem like she is piggybacking on her brother’s immensely successful portfolio. She has done it in her own right. She is doing a great job too.

Her subscriber base is still young and growing but the future looks mighty bright for the 21 year old’s famed YouTube channel. She also has a very fun and interesting pseudonym, Miss McBlush which also happens to be the name of her YouTube channel. Her channel entails people taking style tips from her and her styling people’s beards and/or hair. She is very good at doing this. And, her young and successful YouTube channel has a lot of potential and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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