Lock Upp will see a big fight happening between Kaaranvir and Mandana.

There is never a quiet or dull morning in Lock Upp, and every single day starts with high-voltage drama! The day begins with a massive brawl between Mandana and the entire right block, because the vessels from the previous night had not yet been washed. While everyone wants Mandana to wash it, she remains adamant and refuses to clean them. So the kaidis instead ask Shivam to do it. Later, Payal and Shivam have a fight where she insults Shivam and tears his charge sheet photo! Enraged with this, Shivam takes Payal’s charge sheet photo and smears it with haldi, calling it “crap”! Before this fight ends, another argument sparks off between Kaaranvir and Mandana. Anjali and Zeeshan inform Kaaranvir that Mandana told them that she felt uncomfortable during a script reading meeting with him. When Kaaranvir confronts Mandana, she says she hasn’t said any such thing!

Post the tic-tac-toe task, which sees a high-paced action, Mandana discusses the task with Saisha and tells her how she should have played. Azma later says that she wanted to also play the task but she wasn’t allowed. She says, “I was planning on going as well, but mujhe ye log karne hi nahi dete!” Munawar disagrees and tells Azma that because performed badly in the ‘Bori’ task, she was not allowed this time. Not one to take things lying down Azma says, “Not all tasks are the same, and I’m not a cheerleader,” Exasperated with her behaviour Munawar tells her that she is free to perform in the next task if she is so eager!

Will Azma agree to perform in the next task or is this just another one of her strategies?

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