Abby in dilemma in Dil Buffering.

What will Abby pick: Work or love in Dil Buffering?

The wheel of fortune definitely seems to be turning in Abby’s (Aanchal Munjal) favour as she finds Dhruv; the guy from her marketing internship days, on Tinder. Abby is now actually in awe of Dhruv who has good physic and looks perfect as she reminisces how back then, he had a huge crush on her. With all the mixed emotions and excitement in her mind she decides to go ahead and meet Dhruv in the same old cafe where they use to go earlier. After a few awkward moments and trying to know Dhruv, Abby realizes that he still holds the same feelings for her and to add to that now, even she is smitten by him and the attention he showers upon her.

While everything looks hunky dory on one side, on the other side there’s Gaurav’s café and Abby’s counter that needs attention. Gaurav, being his professional self-reminds Abby about her responsibilities while Dhruv makes an interesting plan with her. In order to get clarity on the situation in her life right now she rings up RJ Ali after much deliberation.

What lies ahead for Abby? Will RJ Ali be able to guide her again?

Stays tuned and watch the interesting turn of events unfold in the upcoming episode of Dil Buffering on Friday at 7pm only on bindass – linear and digital platforms.

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